Our Process is simple…

We Listen. Offer Suggestions. Then Build to Spec.

1. Contact Us Today

Contact us by phone 07851106154 or email info@conrete-table.com. We’ll discuss your vision, suggest the most ideal look, shape, and finish for your decor, as well as expert design advice for your vision.

2. Confirm your Design

Once you’ve selected the colour, shape, and finish for your concrete table and chairs, and you’re thrilled with your creation… our in-house team of manufacturers begin working on your blueprints immediately.

3. Unique Concrete Table Creation.

We do not pre-build concrete tables! Each concrete table we produce are 100% custom-made and their uniqueness cannot be recreated. This is why we never begin work on a concrete table blueprint until you’re in love with the design and accessories that come with it.

4. Build, Deliver… Position!

We review the final product for quality assurance. And deliver it to you only when we’re satisfied that it meets our standards! We even go as far as ensuring that your concrete table is positioned exactly where you want it so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Request Call Back

We’ll call you back within 2 hours from your request