Concrete Side Tables

Designed to reflect simple, modern and clean living

Built to Grab Attention

Every living room needs something that grabs attention and doesn’t let go. Our concrete side table can play that role in your interior décor.

Place a set of custom concrete tables together for a playful yet more elegant interior. Or just one in an empty corner with some nice accessories on it to create unity in your interior décor.  

Customise for any décor.

Whether you need a polished or matte finish for your concrete-top side table, wooden or metal legs, or an all concrete side table… whatever shape, size, or colour that you feel would match with your décor, we have the experience to create it for you.

Our design team will create your side table down to the tiniest detail so you’ll never need to wonder where to put your cup of coffee (or cocktail!) again.

Concrete Side Table



Elegant yet stylish design

Some furniture is designed to blend in with the background. Others, like our concrete side tables, are designed to make a statement. Beautifully crafted to meet your unique criteria, our polished concrete tables look perfect wherever you place them – whether in your living space, dining area or anywhere you think could benefit from additional furniture.



Perfect spot for drinks, trinkets, or books

Embracing distinct elements of microcement, our unique concrete side table will instantly add a healthy dose of character and personality to the spaces that you spend the most time in. 

A beautiful focal point, they are not only great to look at but make the perfect spot for drinks, trinkets, or books… proof that the possibilities are truly endless when you’re open to experimenting with home interiors.