Concrete Console Tables

A natural fit for places that feel barren

…great spot for small, everyday items.

Our concrete console tables add charm and character to any modern or traditional space. This multi-purpose, clever piece of furniture can be a great place for small, everyday items such as your books, phone, or keys…  it can be a pedestal for decorative objects e.g. a vase, plant, bouquet of flowers… you can even use it to set up your video streaming or gaming rig.

Concrete Console Table

Elegant yet practical design.

Place it close to a particular wall that gets a lot of foot traffic. Place it in the middle of the room with a pretty plant on it. Or, place it in any spot that feels barren compared to the rest of your space…

Wherever you chose to place them, our expertly-crafted concrete console table is eye-catching with a highly practical design that brings a warm, natural touch to your space.

You can even use it in the living room as a place to put magazines, remote controls, and keys. It can also be used as an occasional table for evenings with friends or family.

Customise to Your Taste.

Think a full microcement console table would make your space feel more welcoming? Or need your console table to feature specific legs, colour, or finish? We can customise your console table to your exact taste, incorporating finishing touches that ooze luxury and class right from the first glance.

Performance is an Art!

We design for the long run. For us, aesthetics and durability are two sides of the same coin… and with it comes effortless cleanability and maintenance.

A small piece of furniture that has all the makings of a big one… our concrete-top console tables are meticulously finished pieces of artwork that combine seamlessly with other furniture to create a serene and functional interior.

It maintains its astonishing look wherever it is used – as a small serving table in the dining room, a side table in the living room, or a bedside table in the bedroom.