Stunning Concrete Tables

For Your Space

We put our 11 years of experience into manufacturing custom-made polished concrete tables that are guaranteed to add a unique element to the comfort and splendour of your space.



Why settle for anything less than exquisite?

Our concrete tables are much more than a luxury upgrade to your space. It’s an investment in your lovely home or commercial space… a simple but timeless work of art that never goes out of fashion… solid support for birthing your ideas, productive meeting sessions, and delicious meal times with family and friends.

We design and build your dream concrete table without breaking the bank. The perfect way to pique your guest’s curiosity with furniture that is not only stylish and cohesive but is filled with rich details and careful craftsmanship.

Concrete Side Table
Concrete Coffee Table

We’ve been creating Magnificent Concrete Tables since 2011

We have slowly perfected our craft over the years, which can easily be seen in the style and finished look of your concrete furniture. Your concrete table is 100% custom-made with a uniqueness that cannot be recreated. Our experts work one-on-one with you when creating your personalised concrete furniture and ensure nothing is finalised until YOU are in love with the design and selected materials.

The Ultimate Compliment To Your Space.

Polished concrete tables exude luxury and an elegance that most people find amusing and intriguing. Its visually stimulating appearance is different from the normal tables most people are used to… and as a result, draws attention to itself and questions to the host, making it the ultimate compliment to your space.

Quality Ahead of Its Time.

All our concrete tables are built with one goal in mind – a durable yet natural finish that can stand up to everyday use. Since 2011 till present, we have consistently improved on the quality and stylishness of our luxury concrete tables all in an effort to serve our clients better.

From Simple to Show stopping…

We believe you shouldn’t break the bank to add a unique touch to your space. Our fully customisable microcement tables are the most affordable way you can turn the tables in your home from just another piece of furniture into an eye-catching and exciting statement piece.

Modernise your space with simplicity.

From dining tables, coffee tables to console tables, we bring your unique style to life with concrete tables that transform the look and feel of your personal space.

Your imagination is the Limit

Go full concrete or choose from a variety of legs for your table, match colours to your exact taste, and incorporate finishing touches that will wow your friends and family. Each custom concrete table top comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee and is designed to serve you and your loved ones for many years to come.

Our Process is simple…

We Listen. Offer Suggestions. Then Build to Spec.

The vision you have for your concrete table is uniquely yours. One of our professional designers and concrete experts will work with you step by step to give life to all the smart details and tasteful design ideas you have for your concrete furniture.

Concrete Table

1. Contact Us Today

Contact us by phone 07851106154 or email We’ll discuss your vision, suggest the most ideal look, shape, and finish for your decor, as well as expert design advice for your vision.

2. Confirm your Design

Once you’ve selected the colour, shape, and finish for your concrete table and chairs, and you’re thrilled with your creation… our in-house team of manufacturers begin working on your blueprints immediately.

3. Unique Concrete Table Creation

We do not pre-build concrete tables! Each concrete table we produce are 100% custom-made and their uniqueness cannot be recreated. This is why we never begin work on a concrete table blueprint until you’re in love with the design and accessories that come with it.

4. Build, Deliver… Position!

We review the final product for quality assurance. And deliver it to you only when we’re satisfied that it meets our standards! We even go as far as ensuring that your concrete table is positioned exactly where you want it so you don’t have to lift a finger.